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Printing: Digital Printed, self-published, Handsewn binding, handfolded paper, 2016, Signed and numbered, edition of 50

DocX arose out of a combined interest in concrete poetry and repetitive mark making in drawing. Originally beginning as an exploration of the different permutations of abstract drawings I could make using Word and a certain set of simple keyboard symbols repeating - X’s, diagonal lines, and hatching in a manner which paralleled the repetitive marks I use in my drawing practice. After carrying the permutations forward, I collected the variations, shrinking the original images down and hand sewing each book. I then folded the pages so that the images created by the folded page versus the opened pages, and the different visual combinations created by a “reading” of the book, allowed for increased visual opportunities. Coming from both a background in sculpture and my former job working at Printed Matter, Inc., an artists’ bookstore in New York, the idea of making computerized drawings that also functioned as both sculpture and as an artists' book especially appealed to me.

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